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Realizing women’s rights to land and other productive resources


Authors/Editor(s): UN Women and OHCHR This is a new publication by UN Women and OHCHR. It focuses on women’s access to, use of and control over land and other productive resources which are essential to ensuring their right to equality and to an adequate standard of living. It argues that throughout the world, gender inequality when […]

The Verdict is in: Courts in Malawi finally recognize Marriages by Repute


By WLSA- Malawi Summary: The Malawi Constitution specifically recognizes marriage by repute as well as law, custom, or permanent cohabitation.  However, until recently the status of marriage by repute was unclear.  The Malawi High Court has now ruled that marriage by repute results in the same protections and rights as other forms of marriage under […]

Africa’s Latest Land Rush: The Effect Of Land Grabs On Women’s Rights


Africa’s Latest Land Rush: The Effect Of Land Grabs On Women’s Rights Source: AWID – 10/02/2012   FRIDAY FILE: In Africa land rights are critical to economic power. In recent history, there have been three waves of land grabs: colonization, post-independence and present-day land grabs for commercial and apparently environment preservation purposes . Governments and […]

WLSA Zimbabwe Newsletter on Property and Inheritance Rights


See WLSA Zimbabwe’s  Newsletter number 2 property and inheritance rights SPECIAL POINTS OF INTEREST: Global Com-mission on HIV and the law Dynamics of will writing Registering an estate, and more

Victory for Women in Malawi


November 22, 2011 | by Tamar Ezer Article found at November has been a good month for women in Malawi. Parliament finally recognized that women have the right to inherit from the marital estate. In the past, after the death of her husband, a woman and her children were often left with nothing, no […]

Poverty and HIV/AIDS in Africa


by ALAN WHITESIDE Abstract HIV/AIDS is the major threat to development, economic growth and poverty alleviation in much of Africa. And yet the full extent of the catastrophe facing the continent is only just being recognised, and still not by all. The international development targets set by the great and the good of the global […]

Property Disputes in Uganda


Widows’ and orphans’ property disputes: the impact of AIDS in Rakai District, Uganda   by Chris Roy Read more…Property Disputes AIDS in Uganda[1]

Reflection on the rights created by the Recognition of Customary Marriages Act


This briefing discusses the position of customary marriages before the reform of the customary law of marriage and the effect of the constitutional provisions that accommodate both culture and gender equality. Reflecting on the debates that took place to accommodate cultural and equality rights, it focuses on the approaches adopted in changing the customary law […]

Women’s Property and Inheritance Rights in Namibia


Written by Dr. Debie LeBeau, Eunice Iipinge and Michael Conteh with legal analysis by Dianne Hubbard and Evelyn Zimba of the Legal Assistance Centre (LAC) Edited by Gudrun Reimers Grant J. Spence Read the report…Development Alternatives- Inheritance Rights in Namibia[1]



Insecure land tenure and property rights for women are both contributing to the spread of HIV and weakening their ability to cope with the consequences of AIDS. These links are particularly acute in sub-Saharan Africa, and are leading to decreased agricultural production, food insecurity, rural outmigration, and additional infection. Strengthening women’s property and inheritance rights […]

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