Realizing women’s rights to land and other productive resources


Authors/Editor(s): UN Women and OHCHR This is a new publication by UN Women and OHCHR. It focuses on women’s access to, use of and control over land and other productive resources which are essential to ensuring their right to equality and to an adequate standard of living. It argues that throughout the world, gender inequality when […]

Victory For Women in Botswana Against a “Claw back Clause”


By Priti Patel Without access to property, women are more likely to fall into poverty, limiting their ability to protect themselves from HIV infection.  Last month, a five-year legal struggle ended with a landmark victory for women’s rights in Botswana. The country’s highest court unanimously decided that four sisters are entitled to inherit their family […]

The Verdict is in: Courts in Malawi finally recognize Marriages by Repute


By WLSA- Malawi Summary: The Malawi Constitution specifically recognizes marriage by repute as well as law, custom, or permanent cohabitation.  However, until recently the status of marriage by repute was unclear.  The Malawi High Court has now ruled that marriage by repute results in the same protections and rights as other forms of marriage under […]

Ramantele –v- Mmusi and others


  This is a landmark case from Botswana on women’s inheritance rights under customary law. Southern Africa Litigation Center (SALC) supported a case in Botswana before the High Court challenging a customary law rule which provides only for male inheritance of the family home. The case was an appeal from a decision of the Customary […]

The Kenyan case on Customary laws on inheritance


Kenya’s Court of Appeal made an important decision in 2005 that directly addressed the conflict between discrimination against women built into customary laws on inheriting family property, and the guarantee of gender equality in Kenya’s Constitution, the African Charter, and CEDAW. In Rono vs. Rono the sons claimed a greater share of their deceased father’s […]



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UN-HABITAT, ‘Designing and Evaluating Land Tools with a Gender Perspective,’ 2011.


Judges discussion on matrimonial property rights between spouses

Judges discussing matrimonial property rights in Malawi

WOMEN AND LAW IN SOUTHERN AFRICA RESEARCH AND EDUCATIONAL TRUST-MALAWI (WLSA MALAWI) AND WOMEN INHERITANCE NOW – AFRICA Recognizing Non-Monetary Contribution by Married Women to Controlling and Owning Of Matrimonial Property   Judges Discussion on the subject                                        […]

Women’s Property Rights under Customary Law – SA


See…WLC_women-property 2011 Written by Christina Beninger Edited by Jennifer Williams – Women’s Legal Resource Centre – Capetown

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