When Women Own Land, All Sorts of Problems Disappear

Not all countries provide protection for women’s land and property rights in law, and even in those cases where legal protections are in place, they aren't always respected. In many countries it will be necessary to cultivate changes in customs, … [Read More...]


WLSA-Malawi Vows To Fight For Women’s Rights On Dissolution Of Marriages As Divorce Rates Soar In Malawi

As divorce rates are on the rise in Malawi, WLSA-Malawi is prepared to go all the way to fight discrimination against women during divorce proceedings to ensure fair disposal of matrimonial property on dissolution of customary law marriages. Read … [Read More...]


Strengthening The Legal Framework On Women, Property and Inheritance Rights In The Context Of HIV/AIDS In Zimbabwe

On the 16th of March 2013, over three million Zimbabweans voted overwhelmingly in favour of adopting the draft constitution. This constitution was signed into law by the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe on the 22nd of May 20131. Among the … [Read More...]


Till death do us part : Marriage, HIV/AIDS & the Law in Zimbabwe

 Putting HIV/AIDS and marriage into context: What is the problem? The first AIDS case in Zimbabwe was identified in 1985. While initially HIV/ AIDS was not taken seriously, as its impact began to be felt, many initiatives on prevention, care … [Read More...]


Lack of land ownership for women makes them vulnerable: The case of Malawi

Despite Section 24 (a) (ii) of the Constitution of Malawi, providing that women have the right to be accorded the same rights as men in civil law including equal capacity to acquire and maintain rights in property, independently or in association … [Read More...]

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